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About Us...

Finger Talk, Inc. under the instruction of Trisha MacBain, has been serving our communities since. 1991. Its unique and innovative training techniques has introduced thousands to sign language with the help of the hearing impaired community throughout northern New Jersey. The dynamic course outline includes deaf culture, class participation, special interest activities, and also, banishes all fears of interaction with the deaf community. A Finger Talk signature is having the hearing impaired community as an intricate part of the learning sessions. Learning a new language has never been so exciting, while keeping you current on the latest trends of signing.

Having taught sign language for over 18 years for many organizations, Trisha MacBain, has a passion for bridging the gap between these two worlds. It began when her firstborn child, daughter Nichele, was diagnosed as severely to profoundly deaf at 18 months old. Trisha (then known as Pat Massey) took an active interest in the culture that would be a lifelong way of life for herself and her family. When Nichele was seven(7), Trisha began the now, family run business, teaching and introducing the hearing community to sign & Bridge the Gap in communication. She incorporates course outlines that invite the deaf community, (with Nichele and all her friends as primary candidates), into the classroom to allow the personal interaction between the two worlds.

It's become the most talked about course in many counties throughout New Jersey and now bringing the excitement to Orange County, New York, where she now lives. People from all walks of life have graduated in this course and continue to increase their skills. Knowing that each session brings new and innovative ideas to their signing knowledge, students find it to be a structured and creative experience each & every time.

Finger Talk, Inc., an organization designed to have you signing in record time! All that is necessary is your willingness and desire to learn a new language. Children and adults alike, learn in little time how to communicate and interact with hearing impaired people without fear. In addition, at the end of each completed session, each qualified student graduates with a Certificate of Completion - Signed and Sealed by Finger Talk, Inc. 

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service. Each Course is designed for your need - Corporate Workshops, Specific Course Outline, College Sessions. Tell us what you need & Finger Talk can develop the skills necessary for Success!

The philosophy of Finger Talk has always been to allow the hearing student the opportunity to address the many un-answered questions they've had and interact on a one-on-one basis with actual deaf people.

In addition, Finger Talk has expanded the direction of touching others & making a difference in their lives. Now you can take Guitar Lessons - Acoustic or Electric - with Trisha! For more than a year, she has opened up the musical lives of many by sharing the gift of music. All over Orange County she is beginning to leave her prints on students as young as eight & well over 18. So, don't miss this opportunity.... If you're willing, Trisha is Ready!

It's another Finger Talk experience you just wont forget!!

Office Located In:

Orange County NY

Washingtonville, NY 10992


Hudson Valley Area & Beyond

(845) 496-8063

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